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since we are in the twenty-first century, we see that kids are more mature than their age, government, families and the whole society start to pay more attention to kids and the fashion industry is one of them. We in the Eleganza concept also pt values and attention to the next generation of young ladies with designing collections under the name of Eleganza Kids collections. As we put attention to design elegant and cute garments for kids we also put much more attention to use high standard, softer materials such az soft wool, poplin, french-terry, 100% organic linen and organic cotton which are more skin-friendly and more suitable for kids to wear them. Our designs for Eleganza kids’ collections are still Modern and minimal and timelessness but also have more relaxed and kids’ likely shapes. The huge Variation of styles and looks such as dresses coats sweaters pants and skirts that can use on all different occasions. we have a variety of dresses, pants, trousers, skirts, coats, jackets, trenchcoats, sweaters, hoodies, tops and blouses, t-shirts, with more color tone cute and graffiti printed and patches, etc. which can pair with other garments or wear alone and make a huge range of styles for our adorable Eleganza’s kids.
Eleganza kids also have another line in it which is mother and daughter collections. A cute set for the fashionista mother and daughter bands for those mothers who pay consideration to not only their style but also care about their daughter fashion outfits.
On the other hand, these collections are the best option for our customers if they want to buy gifts for their family or friend’s children or their apple of eyes. With Eleganza’s kid’s collections, we show how much we care about our youngest Customer’s skins, wellness, and matter of their style.