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Staying faithful to our main values, which are modernity, minimality, and quality, this time we design for the middle generation women. young girls with styles right on the point and trend centered. Eleganza Youth designed Specially for those who have the fashion fever and knows how to put items together and make the most effort out of it.
We know that our youth customers may like to have more colors in their style so we put more scent of color, some printed colors, color patches, graphic patterns, in our designs as also keep the form minimal. Eleganza youth collections also have comfortable fits and high-quality fabrics like, Crepe, French-terry, sateen, 100% organic cotton and linen, organza, poplin, velvet, leather, denim, viscose, soft wool and knit, water prof fabrics for our raincoats or trench-coats, beside timelessness shapes that centered in Eleganza’s DNA.our focus in Eleganza youth collections is on creating garments that can use for most of the day time and occasions. dresses, sweaters, pants, jugging sets, skirts, denim, and Jeanswear, etc. all of them are more casual but still chic and comfier at the same time so our customers won’t get tired or uncomfortable by using them. Eleganza youth selected collections are denim, big Eid, tailoring, Ramadan chic, ton-blanc collections, traveling colections, etc. all made and tailored out of clean cuts, piping and perfect lining to make it perfectly fit for our customers.This is the truth that the younger generation appreciates trends better than other ages and to provide their tendency of fashion, we also keep ourselves modernize with the latest fashion trends and designs of all important designers all around the world. In Eleganza we are all trying our best to keep our designs modern and our minds fresh and update to become better and better every day.